Sasuke s Birthday by blumarine

Ass kicking shinobi of the leaf Fugaku #2 Mr.hotshot

Sasuke is the soul hier and last survivor of the Uchiha Massacre .As a kid he made many promises to his loved one but broke them so he couldn't come to her and say i love you ever since that day.In part one he is the rival to his best friend Naruto Uzumaki.During his days at the Ninja Academy many boys would be jealous,girls would have a crush on him,and teachers would be happy to call him there student.He was then put in Team Kakashi with Naruto,Sakura Haruno (who pretended to like him so Naruto would get jealous),Mayumi Mikaley Shunrei Mei Lee Kasumiojhi(his one true love and who he had a deep past with),and the team leader Kakashi Hatake who later becomes his teacher in lightning style tachniques.He was also shown moving to the dark side with Orochimaru a rogue ninja of the leaf and one of the Six Legendary Sannin.Which Naruto would want to get him back because Orochimaru plans to use Sasuke's body but he disagrees making Naruto want to get him back because of the bond that they share.In part Two Sasuke is shown joining forces with the Akatsuki after the death of his older brother Itachi Uchiha.Sasuke then learns that the seal that Orochimaru had put on him has a mind of it's own making Sasuke helpless.He was then shown as his seal self fighting his friends because he doesn't have any controll over the seal.Until Shunrei had an idea to reverse the seal on his shoulder making it go away and as she did that the seal self of Sasuke punched her right in the gut where was really fragile since she holds the Jinchuriki Artemis while Sasuke has the other one named Ookima.As she finished the seal Sasuke was brand new but as he looks at his true love bleeding out a lot of blood and faints saying her last words before she faints was "Congrats Sasuke you're back.I don't think i can hold onto my life much longer but if i can i doubt please at least be happy.Sarabasha (Farewell)Until we Meet Again".After that he took her to Tsunade Senju or you can say his second mother after his first one died

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