Sakura Haruno is a member of team seven.

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Kick Ass Med Ninja Tsunade #3 Shunrei Mai Lee's protege

Sakura doesn't know who her parents are because they abadoned her when she was only two years old.In part one Sakura is shown pretending to like her other team member Sasuke Jay Lee Uchiha because she is jealous of her other team member Mayumi Mikaley Shunrei Mei Lee Kasumiojhi because of her true love Naruto Uzumaki all over her.In part two Sakura is shown pretending to be Shunrei sometimes so they can surpress there true feelings to the Fourth World Shinobi War.In part three she is known as Naruto's fiance and the mother of there daughter Niya Mei Haruno Uzumaki until she recieves a message from him saying that the wedding is over not knowing that it is from Rock Lee and Kankuro trying to brake Naruto and Sakura appart so that they can have Sakura fall in love with them.Sakura is also shown finding her real parents wanting them to except her.In part four Sakura is shown as the sixth hokage's wife.
Fun Facts About: Sakura Haruno

Mother:Miyoko Haruna

Father:Zukko Hyruko

Husband:Naruto Uzumaki

Daughter:Niya Mei Haruno Uzumaki

Aunty:Takeshiro Mei Sarutobi Kasumiojhi(Deceased) Mitoki Mei Sarutobi Kasumiojhi(Deceased) Kurenai Yuhi

Step Aunty:Mitoki Hyuga

Uncle:Asuma Sarutobi(Deceased) Tsukeshiro Lee

Cousins:Mayumi Mikaley Kasumiojhi,Tenten Mulan Kasumiojhi,Konohamaru Lee Kasumiojhi

Nephew:Shuhei Tai Lee Uchiha

Grandmother:Biwako Haruna Sarutobi(Deceased)

Grandfather:Hiruzen Sarutobi Kasumiojhi(Deceased)

Affiliation Konohagakure(Village Hidden in the Leaves)
Team Seven(Dai Nana Han)Leader:Kakashi Hatake Teammates:Naruto Uzumaki,Sasuke Uchiha,Mayumi Mikaley Kasumiojhi
Chakra Nature Water Nature
Weapon Chakra
Genjutsu NONE
Taijutsu NONE
Ninjutsu Medical
Kekkei Genkai NONE
Other Medical Ninjutsu
Blood Type O+ Part 4: O
Age Part 1:10-11 Part 2:14-16 Part 3:16-19 Part 4:19-21
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Pale Yellow
Top:Red Top With A Zipper
Bottom:Tan Skort
Shoes:Black Shoes That Go All The Way To The Thigh
Clan Haruna/Myzuko
Fave Food Veggitable Spring Rolls
Fave Color Pink,Orange,Yellow,White
Fave Hobby Practice Med Jutsu With Shunrei
Gender Female
Birthdate 3/16/93
IQ: 25
Diagnosed: ADHD & Dyslexia
Sensei Kakashi Hatake(Jonnin)


When Sakura was born she had a mother that was sober and a father that was gay.Her mother's name was Miyoko Haruna and her father's name is Zukko Hyruko .When Sakura was two years old her mother came home drunk and had to pay the house but used all her money on Sake.So she left not knowing that she left her one year old baby girl.When her dad came home he was with his boyfriend so he just left the house thinking that Miyoko took her daughter.Leaving little Sakura with the tax collecters.They took Sakura thinking that her last name was Haruno to the Village Hidden in the Leaves.Sakura then Started her brand new life there.

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