Naruto uzumaki naruto 6th hokage

Naruto as Hokage

Naruto has a dream to becaome hokage.He is the bearer of the jinchuriki the Nine Tailed Fox.In part one Naruto is shown pranking everyone to at least be noticed.Naruto also doesn't know who his parents are making him lonely.In part one he also has a crush on two girls Sakura Haruno and Mayumi Mikaley Shunrei Mei Lee Kasumiojhi or also known as Shunrei Mei for short.He also is seen making a bond with more than his teacher Iruka Umino and other adults like Teuchi and Ayame at the Ichiraku Ramen shop where Naruto loves to eat at.He creates a bond with one of his team members named Sasuke Jay Lee Uchiha who later on will be his rival and best friend.In part two Naruto is shown getting stronger with his two teachers Kakashi Hatake and Jiraiya of the six legendary Sannin.In part two Naruto is found trying to save his village and Sasuke leaving a big burden from Shunrei's attempt to ask Naruto to get Sasuke back looking like Sakura.In part three Naruto is seen as the father to a healthy baby girl named Niya Mei Haruno Uzumaki and the husband to his kick ass wife Sakura Haruno.Figuring out that he will be related to his rival and best friend Sasuke because Sakura and Shunrei are cousins.In part four Naruto is seen as the sixth hokage but also making Lady Tsunade the fifth hokage do his work because he is still to young.


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