The butterfly and snowflake are the symbols of the clan to show how strong butterflies could be during the winter when other animals can't survive.

The Kasumiojhi clan is a very old and sacred clan.Who ever enters this clan has the power of both Sharingan and Byakugan.The only known Shinobi are half Kasumiojhi blooded until the daughter of the third Hokage Takeshiro Mei Sarutobi Kasumiojhi the half blooded Sarutobi and Kasumiojhi gave birth to six children whom has full Kasumiojhi blood.Making the oldest the leader of the clan because the former leader and other members of the clan died before the half blooded members were found again in Konohagakure starting at the Third Hokage's father Sasuke Sarutobi Kasumiojhi.This clan is known as the second most powerful and noble clan in the world.This clan is known as ice and psychic users.The Main branch of this clan is the only part of the clan left.The clan is known for a photographic mind and a memory that will live in the mind until the end.All that's left of this clan is a girl as beautiful as a winter butterfly itself.That girl is the last survivor of the Kasumiojhi Massacre with two other full blooded Kasumiojhi members.Her name is Mayumi Mikaley Shunrei Mei Lee Kasumiojhi the last hier to the clan.But as her oldest brother onced said once a Kasumiojhi always a Kasumiojhi.She is known as the last hier because once she gts married her last name won't be Kasumiojhi anymore.Unless her child is a full blooded Kasumiojhi but that is an unlikely chance.
  • Former Kasumiojhi Clan Leader and member:Shun Tai Lan Kasumiojhi (deceased)
  • Kasumiojhi Last Heir and Member:Mayumi Mikaley Shunrei Mei Lee Kasumiojhi
  • Former Kasumiojhi Clan Member:Toshiro Lee Mai Kasumiojhi (deceased)
  • Former Kasumiojhi Clan Member:Jushiro Jay Lee Kasumiojhi (deceased)
  • Former Kasumiojhi Clan Member:Shunsui Mulan Kasumiojhi (deceased)
  • Former Kasumiojhi Clan Member:Shuske Fedora Mei Kasumiojhi (deceased)
  • Kasumiojhi Clan Member:Konohamaru Lee Kasumiojhi
  • Kasumiojhi Clan Member:Tenten Mulan Mei lan Kasumiojhi
  • Former Half Blooded Kasumiojhi Clan Member:Takeshiro Mei Sarutobi Kasumiojhi (deceased)
  • Kasumiojhi Main Branch
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